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The Making of a Cover Design

The Making of a Cover Design Metamorphosis of Chasing the Butterfly A story is conceived in the mind when dreams, musings, and wandering thoughts mingle. Then, it is developed in the words, lines, and pages of the manuscript–constantly changed and morphed into the intended image, sight, smell, and sound. Finally, the story is born–unveiling itself in… Continue reading The Making of a Cover Design

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Who Are Your Wingmen (or Women)?

Who Are Your Wingmen (or Women)? Before I take another daily long jump into the intricate process of writing a novel to its upcoming publication birthday, I have to pause and say “Thanks” to my favorite wingmen–James, Graham, Adam, and Ian Mansfield. While they haven’t pushed me aside during this lengthy process and forbidden me to lay… Continue reading Who Are Your Wingmen (or Women)?