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Chasing The Butterfly

The Butterfly Has Flown –  Chasing The Butterfly Released 10/14 Perhaps that face scared away the butterfly! Quick, press play… Now to be serious…the novel released this past week with a flourish of activity and soared to unexpected ranks on Amazon–hitting #10 on Saturday in the subcategory of 20th Century Historical/Romance/Fiction! The amazing reach of… Continue reading Chasing The Butterfly

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The Secret To Becoming a Published Author

 WHAT’S THE SECRET?  PLEASE, DO TELL! A few of the “Expeditionary Team” and I gather at the studio to celebrate the Pre-Sale FaceBook Party. What is the secret to becoming a published author?  There is a plethora of books on the same theme. It’s the popular class at a writing conference. I’ve been asked the… Continue reading The Secret To Becoming a Published Author

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Where the Journey Began

Where the Journey Began…Over 28 Years Ago! I’ve got to thank my mom and dad for this one…sending me off to Europe for three months way back in 1986. Now, that’s a walk of faith (and more than a pocketful of change) for parents to gift their college-aged daughter. Reflecting back, my whirlwind adventure through… Continue reading Where the Journey Began