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The Birthing of a Beautiful Book Cover

Cover Appeal I love meandering through book stores and relishing in the visual smorgasbord of colors, images, fonts, and witty words crafted into titles, cover copy, and tantalizing taglines. If I’m lucky enough to land myself in a store with a built-in coffee shop, the scent of printed paper mixed with the waft of my… Continue reading The Birthing of a Beautiful Book Cover

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Chasing the Butterfly: One Year’s Flight

Highlights:  My Novel’s One-Year Anniversary Having a little fun with Oprah…perhaps she’ll consider it next year! This month marks the one-year anniversary of the release of my debut novel, Chasing the Butterfly, and I can solidly say, it’s been a year I don’t ever want to forget…it’s going down in this girl’s personal history book!… Continue reading Chasing the Butterfly: One Year’s Flight

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Praying Upside Down – A Book Review

A Creative Prayer Experience… On the Blank Canvas When I had the opportunity to read and review Kelly O’Dell Stanley’s new book, Praying Upside Down, I jumped on it. Two reasons–Kelly grabbed hold of two of my greatest passions–art and prayer–and wove them together in a most refreshing and authentic manner.  After dog-eared pages, scribbled reflections, and multi-colored highlights had… Continue reading Praying Upside Down – A Book Review

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A FAMILY WHO PAINTS TOGETHER,  LOVES TOGETHER A funny thing happened the other night…my extended family gathered in my art studio to celebrate recent birthdays–namely, my mother’s 80th, Uncle Bob’s 70th, my 51st, some others in between, and all the way down to baby Joey’s 1st! Most in their right mind would consider this event risky… Continue reading A NEW KIND OF FAMILY FUN!

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Fiction vs. Reality

Trying To Remember the Color of the Sky on That September MorningSpencer Finch – Watercolor on PaperCreated 2014“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” Virgil’s Aeneid Fiction vs. Reality I love to read fiction. Even more, I love to write fiction–even if it’s taking real places and events and filling them with seemingly… Continue reading Fiction vs. Reality

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A Book Cover Is Born!

A Book Cover Is Born! It’s all come together. The stars have aligned and the axis is exact. Chasing the Butterfly has a face and now I can smile along with it.  It’s a funny thing to write a book–revise, edit, revise, edit… And in the process, you talk with your characters in the shower and… Continue reading A Book Cover Is Born!

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The Making of a Cover Design

The Making of a Cover Design Metamorphosis of Chasing the Butterfly A story is conceived in the mind when dreams, musings, and wandering thoughts mingle. Then, it is developed in the words, lines, and pages of the manuscript–constantly changed and morphed into the intended image, sight, smell, and sound. Finally, the story is born–unveiling itself in… Continue reading The Making of a Cover Design