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The Birthing of a Beautiful Book Cover

Cover Appeal I love meandering through book stores and relishing in the visual smorgasbord of colors, images, fonts, and witty words crafted into titles, cover copy, and tantalizing taglines. If I’m lucky enough to land myself in a store with a built-in coffee shop, the scent of printed paper mixed with the waft of my… Continue reading The Birthing of a Beautiful Book Cover

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Andrea Merrell– Author. Editor. Blogger. Instructor. Mother. Grandmother. Wife. All with a Heart for Jesus

Back in 2014, when Andrea Merrell was assigned as editor for my debut book, I may as well have died and gone to heaven. I was spoiled from the get-go–my learning curve shot straight to the moon with her edits and suggestions–all with a loving, kind, and genuine heart. Now, it’s my privilege to share… Continue reading Andrea Merrell– Author. Editor. Blogger. Instructor. Mother. Grandmother. Wife. All with a Heart for Jesus

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The Secret To Becoming a Published Author

 WHAT’S THE SECRET?  PLEASE, DO TELL! A few of the “Expeditionary Team” and I gather at the studio to celebrate the Pre-Sale FaceBook Party. What is the secret to becoming a published author?  There is a plethora of books on the same theme. It’s the popular class at a writing conference. I’ve been asked the… Continue reading The Secret To Becoming a Published Author

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A Book Cover Is Born!

A Book Cover Is Born! It’s all come together. The stars have aligned and the axis is exact. Chasing the Butterfly has a face and now I can smile along with it.  It’s a funny thing to write a book–revise, edit, revise, edit… And in the process, you talk with your characters in the shower and… Continue reading A Book Cover Is Born!

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Lessons From My Dog Gracie

Lessons From My Dog Gracie Strange…the timing of things. Yesterday I was pumped up. Ready to run headlong into resurrecting my blog. So much to celebrate! My novel—release date set for this fall. Edits nearly complete. Marketing plans being realized. Yes! These are the milestones I’ve been waiting for to justify wanting others to engage… Continue reading Lessons From My Dog Gracie

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A Place to Dream

Amazing how summer vacation allows one to complete the incomplete. Finally, “Gracie’s Garden” is finished, inviting you to step into an unknown and unrealized place. Immerse in the surreal sky as cows graze, the weathervane’s horse gallops westward, and Gracie welcomes you into her whimsical world. A blank canvas will soon be propped on the… Continue reading A Place to Dream