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The Birthing of a Beautiful Book Cover

Cover Appeal I love meandering through book stores and relishing in the visual smorgasbord of colors, images, fonts, and witty words crafted into titles, cover copy, and tantalizing taglines. If I’m lucky enough to land myself in a store with a built-in coffee shop, the scent of printed paper mixed with the waft of my… Continue reading The Birthing of a Beautiful Book Cover

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Helping an Author Bring a Book to Life

Time to Round Up the Posse Those who know me well will attest I’d rather head off on an adventure with sidekicks than being the Lone Ranger. I wear that hat enough while I’m writing–countless hours at the computer and hanging out with my imaginary characters can make for a lonely ride. So, a girl’s… Continue reading Helping an Author Bring a Book to Life

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Book Clubs…

Tamarisk Book Club at Shana Fonte’s home The Best Cardio Workout As Valentine’s Day approaches, my heart is warmed, energized, and deeply touched–the best cardio workout around! My secret…hanging out with wonderful women who believe in the power of books. Recently, I’ve been on a streak of attending book clubs to talk about writing and… Continue reading Book Clubs…

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Chasing The Butterfly

The Butterfly Has Flown – ¬†Chasing The Butterfly Released 10/14 Perhaps that face scared away the butterfly! Quick, press play… Now to be serious…the novel released this past week with a flourish of activity and soared to unexpected ranks on Amazon–hitting #10 on Saturday in the subcategory of 20th Century Historical/Romance/Fiction! The amazing reach of… Continue reading Chasing The Butterfly